DeusMedical Thymalin

Thymalin is a bioregulatory peptide that is derived from the thymus gland, an organ that is integral to the immune system. It is used to restore immune function and has been studied in Russia, where it was developed and used as part of peptide bioregulation therapy. The primary role of Thymalin is to regulate the T-cell and B-cell function within the immune system. It helps in the maturation and differentiation of T-cells and the regulation of immune responses. Thymalin is typically used to treat patients with immune deficiencies, infections, certain types of cancer, and other conditions where the immune system requires support. It has also been used to aid in the recovery of patients after chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, due to its potential to restore immune function. As an immunomodulator, Thymalin may help in re-establishing the balance and function of the immune system.

Amount in vial: 10mg

All DeusMedical peptides are lyophilized with mannitol.


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